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Fire. Electrical. HVAC. Plumbing. Are you safe?

Tepee Inspections created the “Safety Inspection” for property owners and managers with rental units. Tenants aren’t always conscientious about the way they treat a property or how they leave it for the next occupants. Even when they mean well and attempt to fix something themselves, it isn’t always done correctly. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you have done everything in your power to provide a safe living environment.

Consider the following facts:

  More than 30,000 non-fatal shock accidents occur each year. Each day, nearly 7 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet. Electrical inspection includes service panel, GFCI protection, hazardous wiring, and proper grounding.

  Hot tap water accounts for nearly 1 in 4 of all scald burns among children and is associated with more deaths and hospitalizations than any other hot liquid burns. Plumbing system inspection includes all fixtures and drains as well as water heater and washing machine connections.

  During 2008-2009, there was an average of 373,900 home fires each year, resulting in an annual average of 2,650 deaths, 12,890 injuries, and $7.1 billion in property damage. Fire safety inspection includes dryer vent obstruction, smoke alarm readiness, faulty light switches and fire extinguishers.

  Heating equipment accounted for 58,660 injuries reported to hospital emergency rooms in 2009. HVAC system inspection includes checking for proper operation of HVAC system, air filters and inspection of evaporator coil where applicable.

  In 2009, ranges and ovens were involved in an estimated 17,300 thermal burn injuries. 36% of these burn victims were under the age of 5. There are other areas of concern around the home. Tepee Inspections expert staff will test and inspect for other hazards such as garage doors, appliances and entry points.

Tepee Inspections is a professional property and home inspection company which has been serving Brevard County and the central east coast of Florida for over 25 years! We appreciate that property ownership is an important investment. Selecting an experienced home inspector to assist you will ensure that you have an un-biased evaluation of the current condition of the home/property and are aware of possible future expenses that may arise after purchase.

Our inspections include a thorough on-site evaluation, so that any visual defects or potential hazards can be identified for you. This will enable you to ensure proper action is taken to minimize liability and reduce potential for injury. You will also receive a detailed report with photos which will provide you with a reference for future maintenance needs.