Home Maintenance. Routine To Us.

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Let’s face it, some people lead a very hectic lifestyle and don’t have much extra time; many are just not very handy; and others simply can’t risk injury or are, unfortunately, infirm.

Homes and their systems and machinery need regular service to continue to perform efficiently and increase their longevity. Trouble is, time goes by really fast and before you know it, lack of routine care turns into major repairs.

With that in mind, Tepee Inspections created our Home Maintenance Service!

We will perform regular maintenance on your home monthly and take care of the things you can’t, or forget to do on a regular basis. The basic service includes:

  • A/C filters four times a year
  • Smoke Detector Battery replacement twice a year
  • Dryer vent cleanout twice a year
  • A/C condensing line cleanout twice a year
  • Water filter replacement twice a year

WE provide the filters, batteries and necessary supplies!

Pricing will vary based on size of home and number of units/devices that will be serviced. It will be our pleasure to provide an in-home evaluation and quote. Simply call us to arrange an appointment: 321-777-1538