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Benefits of an Infrared Home Inspection

Benefits of an Infrared Home Inspection

In addition to standard home inspection check-list items, an option is to include an Infrared Technology Scan. Infrared home inspections offer maximum benefit to both the home seller, as well as the home buyer. This non-invasive option allows our home inspectors to analyze areas of the home that would otherwise require moderate to serious reconstruction.

In addition to energy loss, roof and plumbing leaks, electrical, and safety issues – infrared imaging technology provides an alternative to traditional evaluation methods to check interior walls, ceilings, flashing, underneath decks, and more.

This can potentially save the home owner, or buyer, thousands of dollars.

Prospective home buyers also benefit from an infrared home inspection because it offers a more thorough home inspection. Our home inspectors are able to evaluate areas of heat loss, electrical panel overheating, water penetration and more. This gives buyers the most thorough assessment before deciding to purchase a home, and/or the ability to better negotiate costs.

Reduce Headaches

Reduce or eliminate unforeseen repairs, surprise issues, and the time and expense involved in fixing them.

Save Energy and Increase Efficiency

Infrared home inspections offer the ability to determine where energy is being lost.. Areas around doors and windows can also be identified to save on energy costs, as well as prevent moisture from accumulating. In addition, leaks may also be detected.

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