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Tepee Inspections is a professional property and home inspection company which has been serving Brevard County and the central east coast of Florida for over 25 years! We appreciate that purchasing property is an important investment. Selecting an experienced home inspector to assist you will ensure that you have an un-biased evaluation of the current condition of the home/property and are aware of possible future expenses that may arise after purchase.

Our inspections include a thorough on-site evaluation and “out-briefing” with you, if you choose, so that any defects or potential issues can be explained to you in person. You will also receive a detailed report with photos that may assist you in negotiating your purchase contract and provide you with a reference for future maintenance needs.

Tepee follows a strict code of ethics and our home inspections meet or exceed the standards of practice of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI)


HOME INSPECTIONS: Whether you are buying or selling, Tepee can help. Our inspections are complete and comprehensive, covering all major systems; Structure, Roof, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing & Appliances (even pools, seawalls & docks) and thousands of individual items.

COMMERCIAL INSPECTIONS: Purchasing a business or commercial property? Tepee can handle that as well! Our detailed commercial reports will de-scribe the property and its associated systems from suites and building to parking lots and grounds.

INFRARED INSPECTIONS: Leaks and water penetration can cause thousands of dollars of damage by the time they are discovered. Tepee Inspections has state of the art equipment to help identify the presence of leaks and effected areas. This will ensure proper repairs can be made.

SAFETY INSPECTIONS:Make your you home is safe with annual and semi-annual inspections.

INSURANCE INSPECTIONS: Insurance inspections are a crucial to the home purchase process. Standards change quickly in the insurance industry and having a well informed inspection company is important. Tepee’s inspectors are qualified to perform ALL major insurance inspections.

CONSTRUCTION MONITORING: Building a new home can be a rewarding experience. Knowing that you have an independent professional monitoring its construction from start to finish will give you peace of mind. There is even an option for Tepee to provide a digital photo album!

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